Genevagate:GL Peiris responds to Samarasinghe’s allegations of “trying to cover up”

Genevagate:GL Peiris responds to Samarasinghe’s allegations of “trying to cover up”

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04 Nov, 2014 | 7:15 am

Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna North Central Provincial Councilor, Wasantha Samarasinghe says that the Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L. Peiris is attempting cover up the transaction on the refurbishment of the Sri Lankan Mission in Geneva.

Reacting to the statement made by Prof. Peiris in Parliament over the matter recently,Wasantha Samarasinghe stressed the need for an extensive investigation on the transaction made.

The irregularities pertaining to a transaction made with regard to the refurbishment of the official residence of the Sri Lankan Permanent Representative in Geneva in 2009 was brought to light by Wasantha Samarasinghe and Former Sri Lankan Permanent Representative in Geneva Tamara Kunanayakam, quoting an audit report.

The audit report states that the contract was carried out by a company – owned by P.T. Thurairajah – who is, according to the report, affiliated to the LTTE.

However, issuing a statement Prof. G.L. Peiris – the Minister of External Affairs, noted that Thurairajah was not connected to LTTE activities. The Minister states in his communique that this is evident by the communication between U. Jauhar, the Head of Chancery of the Sri Lankan Mission in Geneva at the time – and Piere Yves Hugennin attached to the Swiss federal intelligence service.

However, the need for an extensive investigation into the audit report compiled by four senior officers is stressed and highlighted.

Under this backdrop, Prof. G.L.Peiris made a statement in Parliament recently.

[quote]I am tabling this document in Parliament. This is the document. This document has been issued by the Federal office of Justice. This is the Switzerland police. What are the allegations levelled? They say that he was arrested by the Swiss police and that he is connected to the LTTE? This document has been issued by the Federal Office of Justice which is the justice office of Switzerland. It is stated that Thurairaja is not registered in the criminal record. This is an official document from the Swiss Govt. It is also mentioned here that a verification, validation that is ti verify the truth of the matter can be obtained by visiting a website. The web address has been mentioned and the ministry officials visited this website. There is no criminal records against this person until October 2014.[/quote]

JVP north central provincial councilor, Wasantha Samarasinghe

[quote]You may recollect that Prof. Peiris said that Thurairajah was not connected to the LTTE and that information on his affiliations were obtained through emails exchanged between Jauher and the federal police. The professor said that Thurairajah was deemed clean. If there was an email, make it public. Table this email in parliament. What has the minister tabled. This is a document that was downloaded through the web. When you search whether or not this individual is connected to any criminal records, a documents pops up with the name and birth date of the individual concern. When was this document published. It was published on the 20th of October 2014. Does that mean that Thurairajah has formulated this document and published it? This is the question we have. We don’t have an issue with his criminal record. Professor Peiris, the LTTE is not banned in Switzerland. Please stop your attempts to sweep this issue under the carpet. This means all four of them had committed a crime. The crime they have committed is the grave allegations they have made against the diplomatic service. We need an investigation on this audit report. Why was a report compiled? What was the mandate of the four persons who compiled the audit? We request Prof. Peiris not to act like a child. Do not dance based on the whim of others. Where is the LTTE sent by the Swiss police on Shelvazug, owned by Thurairajah. Make that letter public. Where is the letter sent by the Geneva Mission to the Swiss Police? Table it in Prliament. If Prof. Peiris is attempting to sweep this issue under the carpet, we will take this matter with Swiss officials directly. Table this is in Parliament and obtain statements from the four officers who conducted the audit.[/quote]

Responding to a query made by News1st, Jeannette Balmer, Spokesperson for the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland, noted that the investigation into ten persons for alleged money-laundering, extortion and participation in a criminal organisation is still ongoing.

Balmer noted that no further news on this case would be communicated until the indictment in the 2011 case is released and added that The Swiss authorities do not disclose the names of the directly involved officials nor comment on the substance of such contacts.

Minister of External Affairs Prof. G.L.Peiris:

They allocate five minutes, sometimes eight and sometimes even ten minutes and stress on this matter and how grave it is. However, we are fortunate that we can prove this wrong. There was no evidence before against whom allegations were levelled. According to the Gobbles Theory, they were trying to ingest this into the mindset of the general public and create an opinion. However, this is a baseless allegation.

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