Anuradhapura abduction victim says husband was kidnapped in 2013

Anuradhapura abduction victim says husband was kidnapped in 2013

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02 Nov, 2014 | 9:02 pm

A woman who was allegedly abducted from Anuradhapura has been found in the Nochciyagama area.

The victim of abduction is a thirty-three-year-old woman from the Mailagas Junction area in Anuradhapura. The victim, a mother of eleven-month-old twins had reportedly arrived at a shop in the Anuradhapura town at around 5 on Saturday evening.

She says that she was abducted after she got into a three wheeler near the Salgado Grounds in Anuradhapura to go to another shop.

Victim Mayuri Jaysena explained the ordeal; “I crossed the road and saw two three-wheelers, one was red and the other was green. The driver of the green three-wheeler offered to take my hire. I asked him to drop me at Sathosa. I felt that more than an hour has passed. He verbally abused me and threatened me. He stopped on a by-road in Nochchiyagama and dragged me out of the vehicle. He lifted the blindfold from my eyes and told me to decide whether I would live or die. He pointed a pistol at me and told me not to scream. Then they got into the three-wheeler and left.”

Mayuri was rescued by the Nochchiyagama Police, acting on a tip off from neighbours on the emergency hotline. The police recorded a statement from the victim and then referred her to hospital.

Mayuri’s husband was abducted on September 2, 2013.

Madushka Harris de Silva, is still missing, while two other young men who were abducted  along with him were later found at separate locations.

The victim claims that they were taken away by a group of people in a white van, who claimed to be police officers. When News 1st made inquiries, the police noted that investigations into the abduction are underway.

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