Tears shed in memory of those taken away by the Koslanda landslide

Tears shed in memory of those taken away by the Koslanda landslide

Written by Bella Dalima

02 Nov, 2014 | 7:36 am

In Koslanda, which has now become a plateau of soil, our attention was captured by a wail that echoed off the hills.

A woman who had left the country for Qatar just twenty days ago as a domestic aide, handing her daughter to the care of her parents in Meeriyabedda was now crying a sea of tears.

Upon hearing the news of one of the biggest landslide disasters to have struck Sri Lanka, she had returned to the country.  Her daughter had fortunately survived the fatal ordeal as she was in school.

However, just when the thought of her daughter’s survival gave her some relief, her nightmare took on a new form, as she is now left without any information about her mother, father and sister.

Meanwhile, all shops in Kotagala were closed for a period of two hours on Saturday to mourn the lives lost in the Koslanda landslide. Several estate workers in Kotagala gathered in the town.

Several estate workers in Nuwara Eliya also refrained from work on Saturday to mourn the victims of Koslanda. According to our correspondent, those engaged in the vigil had dedicated a day’s pay for the Koslanda Landslide victims. Poojas were held in two Kovils in the Ensal Estate in Deniyaya, in memory of the victims of the Koslanda landslide.

Meanwhile, our reporter notes that a group of people living in the Ensal Estate, are spending their nights at the Sellakanda Junior School, following a landslide which affected the Sellakanda area in the Ensal estate, last year.


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