Premajayanth elaborates on what govt hopes to do for Koslanda’s victims

Premajayanth elaborates on what govt hopes to do for Koslanda’s victims

Premajayanth elaborates on what govt hopes to do for Koslanda’s victims

Written by Staff Writer

02 Nov, 2014 | 9:12 pm

At a media briefing held on Sunday Minister Susil Premajayanth explained the measures taken by the government with regard to those affected by the landslides in Koslanda.

General Secretary of UPFA , Minsiter Susil Premajayanth expressed the views:

“The government has taken over the responsibility of all those affected. The government will take measures with regard to the orphaned children and we will make sure that they are looked after until they are grown up. These people will be provided with houses. All these measures are being taken with the involvement of the government. “

He added: “ At the moment they are being temporarily sheltered at close by schools and are being provided with cooked meals. When you visited the area you must have witnessed the thick mist that is affecting the area. In Haputale too there is a mist, then the rain. Not only that there are many technical difficulties – relief workers or the security personnel cannot reach the area with heavy vehicles. We don’t know whether it will cave in. There are cracks that stretch over two kilometres. “

Speaking further the Minister said:

“Recently, I think in the Satana programme, a speaker stated that only 1.8 is allocated for education.  When allocating money to the expenditure head of the Ministry of Education, money is allocated for salaries of teachers in 350 national schools along with recurrent expenditure and capital expenditure,  then the recurrent expenditure and capital expenditure of the ministry of higher education. In the Ministry of Skills Development money is allocated for education under technical education. Salary expenditure of nine provinces go under the Ministry of local Government and Provincial Councils. Add up all this and see. Fifty five billion rupees has been allocated for 1000 Mahindodaya laboratories and 250 technical faculties. When all this is added up it amounts to at least 3% more than what some members of the opposition point out.

At the briefing, a journalist raised a question on the complicated situation with the Jathika Hela Urumaya.

Minister replied as follows; “We are still holding discussions with the Jathika Hela Urumaya. we have to hold discussions regarding the policies, constitutional reforms and other matters”

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