“.. This is all I have ..”

“.. This is all I have ..”

Written by Staff Writer

31 Oct, 2014 | 9:01 pm

Sri Lankans have always responded when their own brothers and sisters have faced a calamity.

People from all walks of life joined us in our efforts to support the victims of the Koslanda Landslide which displaced hundreds of people.

Our collection centers were inundated with generous donations made by our own countrymen.

This particular video shows how an old woman who approached the collection center at the MTV/MBC head office to drop off her donation.

The 79 year old lady spoke to us with tears in her eyes and told us “Sorry son, this is all I have,” as she extended her hands to give her donation of 500 rupees.

The example set by her is a good reminder to all Sri Lankans that even the smallest thought can be of immense value.

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