Capital Maharaja Organisation honours Asian Para Games Winners (Watch Report)

Capital Maharaja Organisation honours Asian Para Games Winners (Watch Report)

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27 Oct, 2014 | 5:02 pm

A star-studded event took place at the MTV/MBC Headquarters in Colombo, to applaud the medal-winning contingent who represented Sri Lanka at the recently concluded 2014 Asian Para Games in South Korea.

The para athletes who represented Sri Lanka at the games, won a total of  fourteen (14) medals including one gold medal, 6 silver medals, and 7 bronze. Sri Lanka was placed 16th out of 41 countries who participated at the games.

A special award ceremony is taking place at the MTV/MBC Headquarters to felicitate these athletes who have brought glory and honour to their motherland.

Among the distinguished invitees are former Sri Lankan cricket captain Arjuna Ranatunge, Olympic silver medalist Susanthika Jayasinghe and Asian Games gold medalist Damayanthi Dharsha.

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