Audit report and Genevagate: More questions asked at Parliament media briefing

Audit report and Genevagate: More questions asked at Parliament media briefing

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26 Oct, 2014 | 8:22 pm

At a media briefing held in Parliament, UPFA General Secretary, Minister Susil Premajayantha expressed these views regarding the transactions pertaining to the renovation of the official residence of Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to Geneva.

Q: Now, you promised at the press conference held last week..

Susil: I promised. Only if a problem existed.

Q: You promised to investigate this matter. Did you do so?

Susil: Yes, I investigated…the answer is there in the papers…as a communique issued by the External Affairs Ministry. This is just about an embassy being repaired, how many places here get repaired.

Q: This is not just an audit report minister, this is government money.

Susil – Do you know that on the other side of the Parliament there is a boat yard, do you know the expense incurred in laying the underground concrete pillars? It is 750 million rupees. In whose tenure were these expenses incurred? What happens there now. It is used to tie up boats. You must question this. it did happen during this regime but I’m only mentioning what happened. We need not go to Switzerland. Boats are being tied up just next to the country’s parliament.

Q:  Who did that? 

I will answer that. it doesn’t matter whether 180 million-or 18 cents were spent. we must look into it. But it belongs to the relevant ministry. At the same time there is the annual audit. All of them end up with the public accounts committee. Money for embassies is allocated from the budget. Then ministerial secretaries and the chief accountants are responsible for it no matter how long ago it had happened.

If investigations are not carried out with regard to this audit report, the JVP says that they will turn to other means.

JVP North Central Provincial Councilor, Wasantha Samarasinghe expressed the following views.

“Following the assault on Chris Nonis, new information with regard to the contract to repair the Geneva embassy and its LTTE affiliations are coming into the country. The parties involved in this are trying to evade it by being silent. We challenge honourable Minister of External Affairs G.L. Peiris to question the Secretary to the Ministry. If she can, tell her to make a statement to the media that such an incident did not take place or money was not paid through her husband. ”

He added; “Thurairajah has begun to talk. the Swiss Federal Police is stating that they have not issued such statements and that they have not issued a letter. A grave mistake has been committed by revealing the name of an intelligence officer. They are trying to prevent the contract given to an LTTE affiliated company to renovate the Geneva Embassy, from surfacing. If it is an attempt to cover up this contract given to (an) LTTE affiliated company, it will not be possible. We will reveal every detail to the country. We will stand by the report conducted by government officials. we will take measures to take this to the Criminal Investigation Department. ”

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