Sachitra says he is ready to face bowling action exam (Watch Report)

Sachitra says he is ready to face bowling action exam (Watch Report)

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16 Oct, 2014 | 12:59 pm

Sri Lankan player Sachitra Senanayake says that he is ready to face the bowling action exam once again after taking part in the Mercantile Cricket tournament that is currently underway.

Sachitra Senanayake who returned to the local cricketing arena with a new bowling style, has so far claimed 9 wickets in 5 matches.

In an interview with BBC Sandeshaya, Senanayake said ” We don’t have any facilities here to examine bowling styles. So at the end of this tournament I hope to undergo an examination and check my bowling action.”

Sachitra has been faced with the challenge of acquiring certification for his bowling action from the examination that is to be conducted in the near future by the International Cricket Council.

Sachitra says that his new bowling style is within the ICC regulations which state that the bowler can bend his army only by 15 degrees.

“Before I bowled I told the judges to tell me if there is anything wrong with the action. No one has given me any bad comments about till now.”

Sachitra who participated in a training session in Australia on correcting the bowling action, says that with his new style he is confident of succeeding in the future.”

Sachithra says that his new bowling action allows him to flight the ball better adding that every happens for the best.

It’s Senanayake’s hope to play against the English on home soil this November, after successfully passing the bowling action examination.

Sachitra Senanayake’s Bowling action:

Source: BBC Sandeshaya

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