President Rajapaksa on “changing the presidential system” (Watch Report)

President Rajapaksa on “changing the presidential system” (Watch Report)

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12 Oct, 2014 | 8:28 pm

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says that if the TNA and the diaspora areready to give up on the ideas of Eelam and separatism, there is no one else more willing to change the presidential system than him.

The president made this statement while addressing an event at the Kilinochchi Madya Maha Vidyalaya .

[quote]Both the diaspora and the people in the south are saying that the presidential system needs to be changed. I said fine, however you need to ask the TNA and the diaspora to let go of the ideas of achieving Eelam and separatism – the need to stop trying to split this country. When that is achieved, I am ready to change the presidential system. There is no one else more prepared to change this system than I am.[/quote]

“Some people of the diaspora living in England, America and Europe have gotten together and names the president, prime minister and members of cabinet in their own state. Ranil Wickremesinghe recently met with them and engaged in discussions with them. Let them talk. However, we will not allow Eelam or separatism to take root in our country. We need to state that we will keep this country together and create a country where all its citizens live like brothers and sisters.”

A programme was held to provide compensation to 1,218 families living in the north in line with the recommendations of the LLRC and with the aim of providing relief to the people of the north. A total of 115 million rupees is to be distributed through this programme, 25 families received this compensation to symbolize the project.

During this event which was held on Sunday jewellery that was pawned in LTTE banks were returned to their rightful owners. Twenty-Thousand (20,000) land deeds encompassing the five districts in the northern province were also distributed on Sunday.

According to the Presidential Media Unit this is the first occasions on which 20,000 land deeds were distributed simultaneously. Meanwhile. the North Central Province Sports Complex built in Anuradhapura was also vested in the public on Sunday by the President.

Funds for the project were allocated through the Ministry of Sports and a total of  Rs. 325 million was spent on the complex.

After the complex was declared open, the President toured the complex.

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