It is inappropriate to attend the District Committee Meeting: C V Wigneswaran

It is inappropriate to attend the District Committee Meeting: C V Wigneswaran

It is inappropriate to attend the District Committee Meeting: C V Wigneswaran

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Oct, 2014 | 9:37 pm

Chief Minister of the Northern Province C.V. Wigneswaran notes that the Northern Provincial Council has decided that it would be inappropriate for them to attend the District Committee Meeting scheduled for Monday, in a backdrop where the Tamil speaking people are continuing to be marginalised.

The Chief Minister expressed these views in a letter to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The letter by the Chief Minister of the Northern Province contains thirteen points.

The letter notes that since the District Committee Meeting which is being held after a lapse of two years was not discussed during the session of the Northern Provincial Council, an issue could arise.

[quote]We have been informed that on the 12th your excellency is to hand over permits to lands in the Northern Province at Kilinochchi to almost 20,000 persons. I am further told over 400 busloads have been arranged to bring people from far off places to Kilinochchi. If they are coming to relieve the permits to be distributed by Your Excellency it appears they have been kept for many months without being entrusted with their permits, only to facilitate the creation of some political capital .[/quote]

The letter also notes that the 2014-2016 investment plan which is to be discussed during this meeting has not addressed the basic needs of the pole in the north.

[quote]I emphasised the need to respect the democratic electoral mandate and the need to review the Mahinda Chinthanaya in its application to the people of the Northern Province, as it had been rejected by the overwhelming majority of denizens of the northern province. Your Excellency very amiably undertook to do certain things beneficial to the smooth running of the NPC which unfortunately did not materialise. The NPC was made to believe that the military governor would be replaced and kept waiting till only to be disappointed again. Government propaganda was employed to state that the NPC was the beneficiary of nearly 6 billion rupees for the year 2014 and only a small amount had been utilised by the NPC, when in fact, the NPC was allocated only 1875 million while a sum of 3955 million is being used directly by the Central Government.[/quote]

The Chief Minister also notes, in his letter, that in this backdrop, it is clear that the Northern Provincial Council is a powerless institute under the Central Government and urged the president to take concrete steps to build on the 13th Amendment plus what was promised to India and the international community without delay.

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