Why are they rushing to hold a Presidential Election – asks KD Lalkantha

Why are they rushing to hold a Presidential Election – asks KD Lalkantha

Written by Bella Dalima

04 Oct, 2014 | 6:37 pm

JVP Western Provincial Councillor K.D. Lalkantha says that the public remains unclear about the Presidential Election. Lalkantha made this statement while addressing the twelfth Annual Conference of the Lanka Electricity Board Employees’ Union.

He shared the following views:

[quote]Now, according to the constitution, the incumbent President has the power to call for another presidential election if he wants after that date. Word has it that the Elections Commissioner will be notified on the 20th of November of a Presidential Election to be held at the beginning of January. The political sphere is functioning under this assumption. Why are they rushing to hold a Presidential Election when there are two more years in his term?[/quote]

He further stated:

[quote] If they got a good result from the recently-concluded elections in the South, West and Uva, they wouldn’t even consider reducing electricity tariffs by 25%. The tariffs were reduced by the people who spoke against this path the government is taking. Now the country is doubtful about the fact whether the President can or cannot contest for a third term. According to the constitution, there is no legal provision which would allow the president to contest for a third term. The Elections Commissioner has to reject the nominations. There is also a rumour that Chandrika Kumaratunge might come forward as a candidate. Even she does not have that right. Neither does she have the ethical right to do so. She is a person who said she would abolish the executive presidency, although she didn’t.[/quote]

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