Water crisis due to Sevanagala Sugar Factory waste disposal causes ripples

Water crisis due to Sevanagala Sugar Factory waste disposal causes ripples

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28 Sep, 2014 | 10:14 pm

A number of people who use the waters of the Walawe River have been affected by the disposal of waste from the Sevanagala Sugar Factory.

Our reporter says that fish in the river have also begun to die as a result of the pollution.

Waste generated by the Sevanagala Sugar Factor is disposed of in the Walawe River. While the water has been polluted by the waste, fish have begun dying en masse.

We made inquiries from the Minister of Sugar industry Development, Lakshman Seneviratne, regarding the disposal of waste.

Responding to inquiries Minister Lakshman Seneviratne said:

“A small part of the waste has come in through the drains as a result of the rain. It has gone into a water hole in Liyangahawela. I was informed that our officials had used water pumps immediately to pump out the unclean water. This is a shortcoming, I have asked that a system be implemented to prevent his from recurring.”

Regardless of the Minister’s assurances, people living on the banks of the Walawe River have been severely affected by the pollution. The Ambalantota Water Purufication Centre takes water from the Walawe River and distributes it to Ambalantota.

The water supply there too could be disrupted as a result of this situation.

When News1st made inquiries, the Divisional Secretary, H. Tillakratne noted that the officials at the Water Purification Centre had been informed.

The people of Rathupaswala in Gampaha were severely affected last year, as a result of pollutants released from a factory.While the people had to go to great lengths to resolve the problem, lives too were sacrificed.

Venerable Theripehe Siridhamma Thera, who led the protests to seek a solution to the pollution of grouynd water sources then, said that Rathupaswala should be used as a lesson to ensure that such incidents never occur again.

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