Cricket Head Coach Marvan Atapattu says passion and desire steered him

Cricket Head Coach Marvan Atapattu says passion and desire steered him

Written by Bella Dalima

26 Sep, 2014 | 9:48 pm

Coach of the Sri Lanka National Cricket team Marvan Atapattu says that the number of victories and losses of matches cannot be used as a parameter to deem someone a successful coach.

He made this statement at a press conference that was held after he assumed the position of National Head Coach.

Journalists who gathered at the media briefing that was held at the Sri Lanka Cricket premises, raised question on the agreements inked between the National Head Coach and Sri Lanka Cricket.

Question : Is there a clause in the agreement that could relieve you of your duties before two years if they are not satisfied with your performance as coach?

Marvan Attapattu : I still haven’t seen an agreement. I believe, there remains an exit clause on both ways as in any agreement. A clause that could allow my exit, in turn which could be worked out the other way around. They can decide to not receive my service. I expect that, like I would from any agreement

Question : You mentioned that you are yet to see the agreement. Does that mean that you have assumed duties without seeing the agreement?

Marvan Attapattu : I was not provided with an agreement the first time I assumed duties as the National Head Coach on a prior occasion. I decided to take up the position because of the passion and desire I share. I have instilled my absolute trust on the Cricket Board. I believe that the agreement will have no loopholes like any other agreement.

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