Attempts were made to remove houses – allege Wanathamulla residents

Attempts were made to remove houses – allege Wanathamulla residents

Written by Bella Dalima

24 Sep, 2014 | 9:37 pm

Residents living in the 34 Watte area in Wanathamulla state that an attempt was made on Wednesday to remove several houses in the area.

They charge that the attempt was made while a case in connection with the issue is being heard.

After receiving word about the attempts being made to remove the houses, UNP MP Dr. Harsha de Silva arrived at the location.

Dr. Harsha de Silva said:

[quote]The case will be taken up again on Friday. Even when these people are legally protected this military government arrived here this morning and prepared to tear down these houses. How can this happen? How can they act like this disregarding the court order? The military has completely destroyed the legal protections in place for the common man. There is a law in the country which states that individuals cannot be relocated without their consent.[/quote]

The parliamentarian also inspected the new houses give to the residents of the 34 Watte area.

Residents also pointed out structural failures of the new houses. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the Court of Appeal ordered the residents of the  34th Estate area in Wanathamulla to meet with officials of the UDA, before attending court.

The petition filed by four  residents was taken up before justice Upali Abeyratne. The case will be taken up for consideration again on Friday.

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