UPFA wins both districts in Uva: UNP makes “significant gains”

UPFA wins both districts in Uva: UNP makes “significant gains”

UPFA wins both districts in Uva: UNP makes “significant gains”

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21 Sep, 2014 | 9:34 am

The UPFA has won both districts in the Uva Provincial Council polls, but by varying margins.

The main talking point has been the gains the United National party made in the Badulla district in comparison to the last Uva polls in 2009. The Badulla district saw the ruling party win by a narrow margin, taking 47.82% of the vote compared to 43.69% taken by the UNP.

That means the UPFA has secured nine seats while the UNP has secured eight and the JVP one from 18 seats which were up for grabs in Uva Provincial Council. The UPFA will also secure the bonus seat which is awarded to the party which polls the highest number of seats in the district.  When compared to 2009, it is notable that the UPFA has lost five seats while the UNP has gained the same amount. The JVP retained their sole seat.

Taking a closer look at the Moneragala district, the ruling UPFA won all the electorates. The comprehensive victory ensures eight seats for the UPFA, with the UNP getting five and the JVP, one. All in all, the ruling party secured a narrow win in the Uva PC polls, while the UNP made significant gains compared to previous elections.

Political analysts see the results as a boon for the under-fire United National party, as they have seen significant gains from the last Uva Provincial Council polls back in 2009. At the same time, this year’s polls have also seen loss of support for the ruling UPFA, although that did not ultimately prove decisive this time around.

The JVP, led by it’s new leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake, came in as the third force in yesterday’s Uva PC battle.

Meanwhile the district returning officers in Badulla and Moneragala say the counting of preferential votes have already begun. News1st will keep you fully updated on the outcome of the preferential votes.

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