Ask the people – says Lokubandara when queried on “providing goods only during elections”

Ask the people – says Lokubandara when queried on “providing goods only during elections”

Written by Bella Dalima

17 Sep, 2014 | 10:28 pm

The BBC Sandeshaya questioned parliamentarian Udith Lokubandara on distributing goods among the public during election periods.

His response was as follows:

 UPFA MP Udith Lokubandara:

Before coming to the villages we gave you roads, electricity. We built Mahindodaya schools. We did work. We need to give our children a proper future. Our boys and girls need to win the world. If Lokubandara from Yahalabedda can become the speaker of parliament, then why can’t this child become the President. Why are we blocking his path? The houses were affected by the winds – yes the government will help. Venerable Thero, I have instructed to provide roofing sheets to all houses that were affected by 12 noon.

Question: There is an allegation that even though the UPFA claims to have worked for the public they provide election bribes to the public. This was reported during previous elections as well. They allege that this is being done to obtain votes. If you have really done work – then why is this necessary ?

Udith Lokubandara: Ask these people whether Lokubandara provides goods only during election periods? This is not something new . We do this very happily ….. When compared with other parties the SLFP is different. We don’t spend on musical shows or provide alcohol for them.

We can provide arrack to these people for around Rs.1000. I looked into it. Some provide the people with money to buy alcohol. While others buy it in bulk and they obtain a bottle for around 800 rupees with a discount. They provide these people with alcohol. There are others who ask people to paste their stickers on three-wheelers and provide them with new tyres. We don’t believe in this. We have gone beyond this form of politics.”

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