Thondaman’s politics is to establish bars all over estates – says Anura Kumara

Thondaman’s politics is to establish bars all over estates – says Anura Kumara

Written by Bella Dalima

17 Sep, 2014 | 7:54 pm

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake attended his final campaign rally on the Uva Provincial Council Election trail  in Welekade, Badulla on Tuesday.

He shared the following views:

[quote]They are trying to save the votes in the estates using Thondaman. Thondaman’s politics is to establish bars all over the estates. The Thondamans and Digambarams give the people liquor to drink, give them some food when the election comes around and then after the election, they go to India, they send their children and their spouses to India, they buy homes in India, and they take the people from one tragedy to the next. This is what comrade Ramalaingam has said. Therefore, Thondaman staged a demonstration in Nuwara Eliya yesterday. We wish to ask Thondaman this. The Tamil people in the estates do not have a proper place to live. Did he even stage one protest demanding ten perches from each estate? Did the Thondamans stage even one protest demanding facilities for the people living in the estates?[/quote]

He further said:

[quote]Thondaman should know that while he was living in luxury it was Ramalingam Chandrasekaran from the JVP that fought for the rights of the Tamil people in the estates. This government is engaging in such false activities today. Why is that? Because this government does not have a response? They close the city of Colombo for ten days. Why? To have races. In which country in this world do they close the capital to hold races? We wish to ask the mothers and fathers in Badulla if the main problem their children is facing is that they are unable to drive in motor races? .[/quote]

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