Pajero Mafia has retired – the Defender Mafia is now here: Tilvin Silva

Pajero Mafia has retired – the Defender Mafia is now here: Tilvin Silva

Written by Staff Writer

13 Sep, 2014 | 11:16 pm

With exactly one week remaining for the Uva Provincial Council Election, the heat is turned up on the political stage..

Here some comments that took the center stage,

Western Provincial Councillor of the Democratic Party, Susil Kindelpitiya:

[quote]They say that the ruling party are deprived of sleep. They are ordering Provincial Council Members, parliamentarians and ministers to go to Uva. They come here – Defenders without number plates. They wear black. Why? In order to spread violence.[/quote]

Venerable Battaramulla Seelarathan thera, Leader – Janasetha Peramuna:

[quote]There was a statement made that there are no Defenders in the Badulla District. But there was a video showing Defenders without number plates. The IGP has been fed false information by his henchmen.[/quote]

Leader of the Democratic Party, Sarath Fonseka

[quote]When they stopped the car and rolled down the black tinted window, a deputy minister put his head out. If it was a minister he would be stepping out of the vehicle. This is how politicians behave. After he put his head out he tells the police officer that the Expressway is built for us to travel and then he scolds the policemen. After 48 hours he taught him a lesson, now the policeman is receiving treatment in hospital after he was assaulted.[/quote]

Minister of Sugar Industry Development (SLFP), Lakshman Seneviratne:

[quote]We engaged in the same form of politics. We have played the game from both sides. I heard Ranil Wickremesinghe calling on his supporters to prepare an army to go to war. If there are any UNP stalwarts left we can put them in one bag.[/quote]

General Secretary – JVP, Tilvin Silva:

[quote]Now there is a new force which is the Defender force, previously it was Pajero force, now the Pajero Mafia has gone into retirement and the Defender Mafia is here. They travel everywhere especially in Moneragala and Badulla. The police turn the other way. All they can do is salute because all who are traveling in them are big shots and they cant fine them. So they look the other way and ask themselves why they should salute them ?[/quote]

Wimal Weerawansa, Minister- Construction, Engineering Services, Housing and Common Amenities (Leader of the NFF):

[quote]We did not come here with people who own Prados or defenders. We arrived here bringing leaders who listen and understand the problems that you face . We didn’t bring individuals who come from Colombo and who went to school there. We bought individuals who have been raised in this land and who will become part of this soil.[/quote]

Thenuka Vindanagamage, Parliamentarian – UPFA:

[quote]It doesn’t matter who came here and said what, but i would like remind you all that when election day comes on the 20th of this month, the people of Uva stand ready to present the president with the strength from the Uva Province.[/quote]

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