Apple launches Apple Watch

Apple launches Apple Watch

Apple launches Apple Watch

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10 Sep, 2014 | 12:57 am

Apple revealed a new smartwatch at its iPhone event on Tuesday, demonstrating a new operating system for the wearable device that will be available in early 2015.

Apple’s highly anticipated entry into the world of wearable technology is the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch will monitor health and fitness, tracking the wear’s motions, heart rate and sleep with built-in sensors, feeding the information into Apple’s Health app for the iPhone and iPad, allowing review and analysis of the data.

“This is the most personal device we’ve ever created,” said Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook. “We’ve set up to make the best watch in the world. One that is precise. It’s synced with a universal time standard.”


It uses a “digital crown” on the side of the watch, that turns like a jog dial for adjusting functions on the watch, like zooming and setting the time – no pinching to zoom required. It also functions as the home button.

The screen is covered by a curved sapphire glass screen touch screen that can also detect pressure as well as simple touch to differentiate between a tap and a touch, complete with vibrating haptic feedback and loud speaker.

The Apple Watch is charged by a wireless, inductive charging pad that magnetically aligns to the back of the watch.

The smartwatch will be available in three editions: the stainless steal Watch, aluminium Watch Sport and 18c gold Apple Watch Edition.

Six different straps will also be available, complete with a quick remove clasp that attaches to the watch.

All three will will requires the iPhone for connectivity via Bluetooth and will work with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus, but will not be available until early 2015 starting at $349 in the US.


Several of Apple’s apps will be available on the Watch, including Siri, Messages, Maps and lots of at-a-glance information pulled from calendars, email and other apps on an iPhone.

Maps will provide walking directions right on your wrist, buzzing for each turn required in the same way Google Maps operates on Google’s Android Wear smartwatches.

Siri will be available, launched by holding in the digital crown, as is voice dictation.

Apple also has a quick reply board for replying to messages that analyses the text coming in and suggests responses, or pick from a selection of customisable emoji, for when talking into the watch for voice dictation isn’t appropriate.


Apple’s new contactless mobile wallet, Apple Pay, will also be available on the Apple Watch to enable users to pay for goods and services in the US using the smartwatch like a contactless credit card.

Hundreds of third-party apps, like Twitter, Facebook and others will also be available, arranged in clusters on the screen for easier launching on the smaller screen, zooming in using the digital crown.


Apple also includes a new communication app called digital touch, which allows users to share taps, small drawings and even their heart beat with other Apple Watch users.

The Apple Watch can also control music playing on iPhone or iPad devices around it, as well as storing music locally on the Watch, playing through Bluetooth headphones.

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