New US non-immigrant visa application system announced

New US non-immigrant visa application system announced

Written by Bella Dalima

04 Sep, 2014 | 9:33 pm

The US Embassy in Colombo has introduced a new U.S. non-immigrant visa application system which will come into effect from  September 7.

According to communique issued by the Embassy, the new system is being implemented worldwide and will allow applicants to make their own appointments online from home, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Speaking at the media briefing Consular Chief Sally Sternal explained the steps to be followed.

I will now review the six-step process to apply for a visa at the US Embassy.

[quote]Step No.1 This part is staying the same. The applicants will have to complete the DS 160. Step No. 2 This one is new, the applicants will create an account to schedule an appointment and print their bank deposit slip. Step No.3. This is also new. The applicants will bring their deposit slip to a local DFCC bank to pay the required application fee.  Step No. 4. The applicants will then log into the scheduling system to make an interview appointment using the bank payment receipt. Applicant will need to wait one to two business days after paying, to schedule their appointment. Steps 5 and 6 stay the same – applicants visit the US Embassy for their scheduled appointments interviews are Monday through Friday morning, if the visa is approved applicants pick up their passports at Embassy in Colombo.  [/quote]


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