Kurunegala PS members utilising public funds to engage in a tour of Thailand?

Kurunegala PS members utilising public funds to engage in a tour of Thailand?

Kurunegala PS members utilising public funds to engage in a tour of Thailand?

Written by Bella Dalima

23 Aug, 2014 | 10:54 pm

Once the new North Central Provincial Council was appointed, its newly-elected members and officials attempted to travel overseas using public funds. However, this trip was put on hold upon the orders that came down from the President.

Even before the president had granted approval , the Chief Secretary of the Province had made payments to an institution belonging to a former Provincial Councillor  in-order to purchase airline  tickets for the tour.

However, he had failed to reimburse the sum of eight million rupees that was made as payment for this purpose.

A tour was also arranged for the newly-elected members and officials of the new North Western Province once they were appointed.

This too was put on hold by the President.

In April early this year, the Secretary to the President informed all the Governors in writing not to allow members of provincial councils and officials to use public funds for non-essential foreign tours.

Eleven members of the Kurunegala Pradeshiya Sabha are to depart to Thailand on Sunday, while ten more members along with the Secretary to the Pradeshiya Sabha are to depart in the near future.

It seems as if the decision made by the President on the wastage on public funds has been taken as a joke at the North Western Provincial Council.

The Chief Minister of the North Western Province has granted approval for the tour of Thailand by the members of the Kurunegala Pradeshiya Sabha , which has been dubbed as an ‘educational tour.’

Approval was granted after taking into account a false report, which affirms that the tour to Thailand proposed by a member of the Pradeshiya Sabha was unanimously passed.

However, it was not unanimously passed. Some members had voted against the motion as well. The Secretary to the Council also needs to be held accountable for concealing this fact from the Chief Minister of North Western Province.

In  a backdrop where the tax income of this Pradeshiya Sabha for this year stands at Rs.200 million, the report does not justify how three million rupees of public funds being spent on a so called educational excursion, will actually benefit the general public.

Last year, all members of the Kurunegala Pradeshiya Sabha except for one, went on a tour to Indonesia.However, the general public has not benefited from whatever the members learnt during their educational tour.

Yet, the grievances faced by the people in these areas continue to grow.Yet, a group that went abroad once and came back with nothing, are attempting to go abroad once again.

Are they attempting to use public funds again to learn what cannot be show-cased?

Shouldn’t this be justified as moral before the tax payers?

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