Lions vs Crocodile in violent battle caught on video in Kenya (Video)

Lions vs Crocodile in violent battle caught on video in Kenya (Video)

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22 Aug, 2014 | 11:26 am

This is nature in the raw, tooth and claw.

A crocodile and three hungry lions have spotted the carcass of a dead elephant at exactly the same time.

At first, there appears to be a Mexican stand-off as the two species weigh up their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Obviously the crocodile’s fearsome jaws are a problem for the lions but they themselves have powerful teeth and claws… and there are three of them.

With dinner at stake, a fearsome battle breaks out and here, out in the wild, there are no prisoners.

This rare footage was shot in the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya and uploaded onto YouTube by the video’s owner Kai Banks.

The chief protagonists are the young male lion and the Nile crocodile but the other two lions jump in whenever the fight starts going.

Despite the odds, the croc does not give in easy. After all its has been around for over 250 million years, it’s fought and outlived dinosaurs and its cold, reptilian nature does not know fear.

It puts up such a good fight that it appears to win Round One with the lions backing off a little to lick their wounds, one with blood on its leg.

But the second round, shown in a slow-motion succession of still shots, ends in victory for the lions after they tire the croc by continually biting and clawing it from all angles.

The reptile, tired and with bites to its body, tail and even its webbed feet, retreats injured but, hopefully, to fight another day.

Meanwhile the lions descend on the elephant carcass and enjoy a victory feast … and life goes on as normal under a vast African sky.

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