Crocodile chases swimming tourist in Mexico (Heart-stopping video)

Crocodile chases swimming tourist in Mexico (Heart-stopping video)

Written by Staff Writer

16 Aug, 2014 | 9:22 am

Here’s the tense moment a swimmer was captured taking a dip just metres from a very hungry crocodile.

This terrifying footage shows the youngster being hotly pursued by the huge, deadly creature in Sian Ka’an, Mexico.

As the panic-stricken bather tries to flee, the brazen croc hovers beneath the surface, sizing up his innocent prey.

The swimmer scrambles for the shore being eerily followed by the giant reptile, who looks ready to attack at any minute.

As onlookers scream and shout to warn the swimmer, one quick-thinking tourist hurls objects into the crocodile’s path, forcing him to retreat.

There were huge sighs of relief all round as the swimmer eventually gets away to safety.

The gripping footage was filmed by Manuel Cerrara, on a stretch of water even the locals consider too dangerous to swim in.

-Mirror UK

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