Severe drought in Sri Lanka: More than a million affected

Severe drought in Sri Lanka: More than a million affected

Written by News 1st

04 Aug, 2014 | 9:23 am

The Disaster Management Centre says that 1,150,728 persons have been affected by the drought in six provinces in the country.

People of drought hit areas, including Polonnaruwa and Medirigirya, are facing economic hardships as they have been made to purchase bottled water.

News 1st visited these areas to inquire into the people’s plight.

Sri Lanka’s irrigation system was designed to collect water during the rainy season, so it could be dispensed during the dry season. However, at present, while reservoir overflow in the rainy season, they dry up in the dry season.

Villages like Bisobandara, Medirigirya, Pathokwewa and Dansopura are surrounded by reservoirs and lakes. But, about 8,000 families in these villages are now reliant on bottled water.

Water distribution institutions that operate in the area with the authorisation of the National Water Supply and Drainage Board, bring water to these villages in bowsers, and then sell it to the villagers at a price of Rs. 3 to Rs. 4 a litre.

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