JVP comments on murder of Premakeerti de Alwis

JVP comments on murder of Premakeerti de Alwis

Written by Bella Dalima

01 Aug, 2014 | 10:09 pm

Addressing a media briefing on August 1, the JVP commented on the murder of Premakeerti de Alwis.

General Secretary of JVP, Tilvin Silva expressed the following views:

[quote]The wife and children of Premakeerti de Alwis met with us. We explained to them that the people who are leveling allegations at the JVP are completely wrong. The government is involved in this; an individual in the government is involved in this. That individual occupies a high-ranking position in the Sri Lanka broadcasting corporation. Why has the government failed to conduct an investigation into this if they are that concerned about Premakeerti de Alwis? His family members will testify and they have spoken about this openly. They could base their investigations on this. They are putting all this aside and attempting to sling mud at the JVP.[/quote]


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