Tensions flare after wild elephant attack in Batticaloa

Tensions flare after wild elephant attack in Batticaloa

Written by Bella Dalima

25 Jul, 2014 | 10:17 pm

A group of wildlife officers in the Wellawali area in Batticaloa were forced to face a situation which was captured on video.

Please watch video.

The officers had come to the location in order to chase away a wild elephant. The wild elephant encroached on the Wellawali area in Batticaloa, at about 6 o’clock on Friday, July 25.

Villagers accused the wildlife officers of being late to respond in spite of them notifying the Ampara wildlife office.Residents say the animal attacked and killed a man, while they were waiting for the wildlife officers.

The elephant had also injured two other men. The villagers held the wildlife officers in the village against their will, until the elephant was chased away from the area.




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