Drought threatens the North Central Province

Drought threatens the North Central Province

Written by Bella Dalima

25 Jul, 2014 | 10:32 pm

Two months ago, incessant rains caused tanks in Polonnaruwa to overflow and it even inundated paddy lands and cultivation. However, the people of the North Central Province are currently facing extreme drought weather conditions.

Nearly 127, 916 people have been affected in the Polonnaruwa district owing to the extreme weather conditions.The Parakarama Samudraya was overflowing till January 17, 2014.

However, on Friday July 25, the water level of the Parakrama Samudra has seen a sharp decrease.The reservoir which can hold upto 110,000 square feet of water currently holds only 48,800 square feet of water.The tank which still supplies water to paddy cultivation in the area only holds 6600 acre feet of water .

The Minneriya tanks which also boats of a capacity of 110,00 acre feet, currently holds only 30,100 acre feet of water.The water capacity of the Kawudulla Reservoir has also seen a sharp decline there are doubts as to whether it has the capacity to supply water for paddy cultivation.

Residents residing in a number of areas in the Polonnaruwa district are also faced with difficulties owing to a scarcity of drinking water in the district.

Areas which fall under the purview of the Dibulagala and Medirigiriya Divisional Secretariat remain the worst affected. Lands in the Galnewa and Pallegala Divisional Secretariat areas which fall under the Anuradhapura District have also been affected by the dry weather conditions.

Water levels of smaller tanks located in the north central province have also seen a decrease owing to the drought.Farmers point out that a lack of attention given to small tanks in caparison to the main irrigation system remains the reason behind the water scarcity experienced by many.

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