Hundreds of hectares destroyed in Bibile and Monaragala forest fires

Hundreds of hectares destroyed in Bibile and Monaragala forest fires

Written by Bella Dalima

25 Jul, 2014 | 10:11 pm

Over the past three months, man-made forest fires have destroyed over 770 hectares of forest land. On Friday morning, a fire broke out in shrubbery area located in close proximity to the Bibile town.

Twenty five (25) electricity posts were damaged as a result of the fire. According to our correspondent in the Monaragala area, a fire broke out on Friday afternoon in the Kirivijayapura hill and caused damaged to nearly 50 acres of land. Meanwhile, over 40 acres of forest land was destroyed in the Inamaluwa Reserve in Habarana due to a forest fire. According to the police the fire which erupted on Thursday evening has been doused.
Around 100 acres were destroyed in a fire that erupted in the Kithulahela Reserve in Dambagalla, Monaragala.

Our correspondent stated that the fire was doused. According to statistics of the Forest Conservation Department, over the past three months a majority of the damages caused due to the man-made forest fires was reported from the Monaragala district.

Two hundred and fifty one (251) hectares of forest lands were destroyed while fires in Polonnaruwa destroyed 150 hectares. In addition, 116.05 hectares of forest land was also destroyed in the Badulla district.



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