Two constituent parties lash out at govt’s current economic policies

Two constituent parties lash out at govt’s current economic policies

Written by Bella Dalima

23 Jul, 2014 | 10:31 pm

The government’s economic policies were criticised on July 23 by the members of two of its constituent parties. General Secretary of JHU, Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka expressed these views: [quote]The present statistics state that they have achieved an economic growth of this month. However, when you critically analyse the data, it seems like an illusion. Today, the we see the main driver of this economic development is the concept of a service economy. Developing a service-based economy is good. However, can we continuously achieve the required economic development by continuously broadening the service sector? An entertainment based economy seems very colourful however it is like a soap bubble. The larger it gets the more people applaud. However, one of my friends said that this bubble can be destroyed even by a Dengue mosquito . So it is the responsibility of intellectuals and everyone else together and society to reach a decision on which direction this economy needs to head instead of allowing two or three officials to direct the economy as they see fit .[/quote] Central Committee Member of NFF, Piyasiri Wijeyanayake shared these views; [quote]Earlier we said that there are economic assassins. One of the main sources of foreign income to the country is the tea industry. If tea is being exported they charge a cess tax of 8 rupees and 20 cents from each kilogramme. In 2009 the Ministry of Finance took over the cess tax and gave it to the treasury. This closed the doors on any opportunity to utilise this money for the development of tea small holders or to develop the industry itself. They decided to give a 5000 rupeesubsidy to each acre of land. However, they are only giving 2500 rupees. It is a shameless act – giving a check of 2500 rupees – this is what we said in the past – these are the acts of economic assassins .[/quote]

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