‘Cannibal nurse’ poses with axe he bought after ‘plotting to behead, cook and eat girl’

‘Cannibal nurse’ poses with axe he bought after ‘plotting to behead, cook and eat girl’

‘Cannibal nurse’ poses with axe he bought after ‘plotting to behead, cook and eat girl’

Written by Bella Dalima

17 Jul, 2014 | 3:33 pm

This shocking image shows suspected ‘cannibal nurse’ Dale Bolinger posing for a selfie with the axe he bought after allegedly plotting to behead, cook and eat a teenage girl.

The dad-of-three bought the axe from a Homebase store in Broadstairs, Kent, the day before he had arranged to meet his 14-year-old victim at a railway station, a court has heard.

He emailed the photo to someone claiming to be a Mexican girl living in Germany called ‘Eva Gonza’ whom he made met on the Dark Fetish Network website to prove he had bought it.

A jury at Canterbury Crown Court has heard how Bolinger had spent a month talking to ‘Eva’ on the website chatroom about how he would kill her, cook her and eat her.

He described to her how he would met her at Ashford International station, Kent, take her home, strip her and tie her hands behind her back.

However ‘Eva’ failed to turn up for the meeting on Sept 18, 2012, and Bolinger was arrested the following February and charged with grooming an underage girl.

He initially told police that he had bought the axe to remove a tree stump from the garden of his terraced home in Canterbury, Kent, the following Spring.

But giving evidence on Wednesday he told defence barrister Paul Jarvis that he had bought it ‘because there was a sale on.”

He added: “”Initially, I was thinking about getting one and they were also on sale.

“But thirdly, she [Eva] said she wouldn’t come unless I bought one.

“She pushed me and I pushed her. We fed off each other.”

When asked whether he would actually like to behead anyone, he replied: “No, not only would it be murder but it would be very messy.”

Bolinger denies one count of grooming an underage girl and arranging to meet her.

He has admitted administering a noxious substance to a woman.

The court heard he had stuffed a cloth containing dry cleaning fluid into the mouth of friend Urlene King in 2010.

The trial continues tomorrow.




Source: Mirror

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