Attention drawn to over 100 police stations functioning without OICs

Attention drawn to over 100 police stations functioning without OICs

Written by Staff Writer

14 Jul, 2014 | 11:02 pm

Three murders have been reported to have taken place during the past twenty four hours. The most recent incident was reported from the Yakkala area.

A thirty-seven-year old resident of the Bogamuwa area in Yakkala was stabbed to death with a sharp weapon.

According to the police, the incident took place when a group visited the victim’s house in order to inquire into an assault carried out by him. An argument had ensued and the victim was stabbed to death thereafter.

Three individuals have been arrested in connection to the murder.

In a backdrop where murders and crimes are being reported from around the country, a national newspaper published an article on Monday revealing that a quarter of the police stations in the country do not have an officer-in-charge.

The Mirihana, Avissawella and Dehiwala police stations are among the list of police stations that are currently functioning without an OIC. The newspaper report adds that of the 432 police stations in the country, 120  do not have an OIC.

However, the police media spokesperson denied these charges and stated that such vacancies existed in the past but have already been filled.

SSP Ajith Rohana added there are only few police stations functioning without an OIC.

“The vacancies in 120 police stations were mostly caused because a number officers were promoted to the rank of ASP recently. These vacancies are currently being filled. there are only a few police stations functioning without an OIC or an HQI. We are taking speedy measures to fill these vacancies.”

The police media spokesperson however accepts that a number of police stations function without an OIC. In such a backdrop, the Bar Association of Sri Lankan expressed their suspicion about the transfers being given to police officers, recently.

The association pointed out that the transfer of a police officer-in-charge of the Kalutara area, when incidents of violence transpired in Aluthgama, to the CCD is suspicious as the CCD is in charge of investigating the deaths that occurred during the unrest.

Chairman of National Police Commission, Senaka Walgampaya expressed following views,

“The IGP as well as all the DIG have been informed to act on the complaints that they receive from us. Of the cases we have received, we have commenced investigations and initiated disciplinary action through the IGP against 60 police officers. Our investigators have filed charges against 10 people. Based on our complaints senior ranking police officers have initiated action against 49 officers through their investigations. The activities of the police commission continue to take place.”

Secretary to the National Police Commission, Attorney-at-Law T.M.K.B. Tenakoon stated that as at June 30 this year the commission had received 335 written complained about the police.

One hundred and forty five (145) of the complaints charged that the police was lethargic, 86 were in relation to the police being partisan and 67 complains regarding the misuse of power. Tennakoon stated that 227 of these complaints have already been taken up for consideration and concluded.

The National Police Commission received 414 complaints against the Sri Lanka police in 2013. Meanwhile, the Sri Lankan Human Rights Commission had received 531 complaints against the police over the past six months.

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