Divulapitiya police shooting: Sirasa’s timely recording and S.B’s views thirteen days later

Divulapitiya police shooting: Sirasa’s timely recording and S.B’s views thirteen days later

Written by Bella Dalima

11 Jul, 2014 | 10:18 pm

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, Minister of Higher Education S.B. Dissanayake expressed his views on the recent death of a youth in  police fire in the Barawavila area in Divulapitiya.

Secretary of Bar Association of Sri Lanka, Attorney-at-Law Ajith Pathirana expressed these views on the incident:

[quote] In the inquest into the death of a person in police fire, the Sirasa network submitted a timely recording, which further affirmed the verbal testimony. Sirasa had provided this video to the Police Department at the first instance, and when the video was taken up in court, Sirasa was there to give evidence. Various responsible persons within the government are making false statements regarding this. Thereby, I believe it is the responsibility of the police to assist the court by providing evidence, to enable it to determine if this death was murder, manslaughter or otherwise.[/quote]

News 1st wishes to bring to the attention of Minister of Higher Education S.B. Dissanayake that his remarks on Thursday came after thirteen days had lapsed since the footage in question was handed over through the police to the Minuwangoda Magistrate’s Court.

There is a that letter bears testament that a DVD containing the footage of the incident that was broadcast on News 1st was handed over to court on June 28. Furthermore, a police officer who identified himself as  M.B.C. Sampath accepted the said DVD at 5 p.m. on June 28, after placing his signature at the bottom of the right hand corner of the letter.

News 1st has also given evidence before court on the matter. It was here that counsel appearing on behalf of the police requested court not to accept the video footage as evidence in the case.

Secretary of BASL Attorney-at-Law Ajith Pathirana shared these views:

[quote]The Minister of Higher Education made a statement endorsing the shooting carried out by the police. Can the police go around shooting people? It is the duty of the police to use even minimum force only as a last resort. Can they shoot people in the head like they are guerrilla leaders? Politicians are endorsing these killings. This is a joke. I saw this being reported by one media institution. Now these people are trying to justify this.[/quote]

Minister S.B. Dissanayake, who addressed Sirasa TV as a “paper” in a derogatory manner, is an individual who served a prison sentence for contempt of court.

We wish to remind Minister S.B. Dissanayake that Sirasa is not a paper.

News 1st also took steps to broadcast the statement made by the minister live, when he was freed from prison after serving a sentence for contempt of court. The minister who made a misleading statement in Parliament on Thursday on the News1st telecast on Sirasa TV, expressed these sentiments in the past on the conduct of the network.

[quote]Sirasa goes in search of children who are helpless; they go in search of villages which are in need of help and then they bring it before the entire country. I really admire what Sirasa is doing.[/quote]


On 07.10.2013

[quote]The Sirasa journalist were here when the foundation stone was laid for this road. Now he is here today as well. We wish to pay our respect to Sirasa and ask them to air this section of my speech as well .[/quote]

This goes to show the contradictory statement made by Min. Dissanayake who changes his political ideologies from time to time.


Furthermore, this is the manner in which he criticised the former president, who was a key personality in his political career.

On 20.03.2014

[quote]Our former president is relaxing these days. It is best for all if she goes to a temple and focus on engaging in meritorious deeds.[/quote]

On 12.04.2014

[quote]She believed that she could change the constitution and stay on until she died. However, she did not have that many votes she didn’t have the strength to bring in people from the opposition nor could she retain her own people .[/quote]


S.B. Dissanayake who left his own party to join the UNP later criticised the UNP as well.

On 25.04.2014
[quote] It was the United National Party that engaged in acts of corruption and committed all these crimes .[/quote]

On 06.10.2013

[quote]The main party of the opposition, the UNP is now in a dog fight [/quote]


The minister is now criticising the activities of university students …

On 05.06.2014

[quote]We will not give them anything in writing[/quote]

On 17.06.2014

[quote]These students fail their exams everyday. They collect money from people on the street.[/quote]


Chandragupta Thenuwera, chairman of Federation of University Teachers Association, expressed his views;

[quote]The actions of the Minister of Higher Education are something that we have gotten used to since 2012. When you look at his actions we feel like he has come here while working in another ministry. It could be the Ministry of Livestock because he continues to use the names of animals. I believe that he has the capacity to transform into a more disciplined individual who is capable of understanding our issues. We can see that ministers have been appointed to muddle up issues. We don’t know if he is part of such a plan .[/quote]


When considering the minister’s record, the  ignorance of his statements is truly not surprising.




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