Man divorces wife on wedding night

Man divorces wife on wedding night

Man divorces wife on wedding night

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07 Jul, 2014 | 4:06 pm

Divorce is now a part of life and hearing that a married couple have broken up is nothing new.

However, when the pair decide to separate on their wedding night, it is a different matter.

One groom in Saudi Arabia called off his wedding when he received a memory stick from his wife’s former lover showing intimate pictures of her.

They were at a hotel celebrating their nuptials, according to Kuwaiti news website Sabq, when he opened the contents of the device and saw the pictures.

He decided to divorce his wife on the spot, religious preacher Shaikh Ghazi Bin Abdul Aziz al Shammari said.

The spurned lover allegedly asked the bride to be in a relationship with him, threatening to unleash the pictures if she refused.

She told him she was getting married and wanted to start a new life. But apparently unable to take the rejection, the spurned lover released the pictures with a note telling the groom to look at them.

Al Shammari said: “The groom came to see me the next day and he was under strong emotional trauma.

“It was truly the shock of his life and he could not bear the scandal.”

-Mirror UK

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