News 1st receives more amateur footage on Divulapitiya police shooting

News 1st receives more amateur footage on Divulapitiya police shooting

Written by Bella Dalima

04 Jul, 2014 | 9:16 pm

News 1st has received more amateur footage pertaining to the death of a youth in police fire in Barawawila, Divulapitiya on June 23.

News 1st also broadcast footage sent in by a U-Reporter pertaining to this incident.

Meanwhile, addressing a media briefing on Friday, the Sri Lanka Bar Association called on the authorities to implement the law against individuals who violate it.

Chairman of Sri Lanka Bar Association Attorney-at-Law Upul Jayasuriya expressed these thoughts:

[quote]Our request has always been to implement the law against those who violate it. We saw an instance through the media where a traffic police officer shot at an individual. That police officer is yet to be arrested. We are witnessing a policy where people who violate the law are being safeguarded. A question arises as to why this is being done? A background has been created where the people who are supposed to safeguard the law are the ones who break it. This is also a time when the police stands aside and observes when other set fire to public property and commit murders. The police is not a division that stands aside and observes. The police officers, especially ones who occupy lower positions, are well aware of these things. When such incidents take place, we begin to wonder if an IGP is present. I don’t know if he is commanding the police or whether someone else is.[/quote]



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