Demonstration against “detained” midwives continues for third day

Demonstration against “detained” midwives continues for third day

Written by Bella Dalima

14 Jun, 2014 | 10:35 pm

The demonstration organised by the Government Midwifery Services Association continued for a third day on Saturday, with demonstrators citing that a group of midwives are being detained at the labour room of the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital.

The Government Midwifery Services Association commenced a demonstration on June 11 citing that midwives were not being permitted to enter the labour room of Peradeniya Teaching Hospital.

This was the response made by the Chairman of the Peradeniya Branch of the Government Nursing Officers Association regarding the allegations made by the Midwives.

Pradeep Nandasena, chair of the Peradeniya branch of the Government Nursing Officers Union, spoke to Newsfirst over the phone:

[quote] Nineteen Midwives forcibly entered the labor room in an illegal manner and are remaining in there. The obstruction of the nurses duties can be considered as an act of terror. We condemn this act[/quote]

Meanwhile, the relatives of the midwives who are said to have been detained charge that they are not being permitted to visit the midwives.

The GMOA has decided to suspend all caesarean surgeries at the Castle Street Hospital for Women.

Central Working Committee members of the GMOA Dr. Nalin De Herath said that the nurses are not permitting the Midwives from entering the operating theaters and labor rooms at the hospitals.

He added that, based on the legal environment, the GMOA has decided to halt all surgeries except for emergency surgeries.

When Newsfirst made inquiries, Hospital Director, Dr. W.K.Wickremesinghe said that he will discuss the issue with the GMOA and will take alternative measures to resolve the situation.

He added that activities at the hospital are continuing without any hindrance.

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