Gold flakes found in US town’s water

Gold flakes found in US town’s water

Gold flakes found in US town’s water

Written by Staff Writer

08 Jun, 2014 | 1:20 pm

Homes in the US state of Montana experienced sparkling water of a different kind when they discovered specks of gold in their water supply.

Sharon Brown, a resident of the town of Whitehall, was washing the dishes in her kitchen sink when she noticed the unusual flakes in the water, NBC Montana reports.

Ms Brown’s husband Mark told the station when she pulled the plug out and the water drained, “there were glistening, gleaming little flecks”.

“That couldn’t possibly be gold, huh?” Mr Brown asked his wife. “And I was sure it wasn’t.”

Then Mr Brown discovered more flakes in the toilet system, the same glittering gold that from the sink.

Their neighbour, Paul Harper, an antiques and gold dealer, was finding the same metal in his water and decided to run some tests to determine if it was gold and, if so, how pure it was.

When Mr Harper ran the chemical test he found there was “no dissolving at all of the gold”, meaning it was pure gold.

A spokesperson from the state’s Department of Environmental Quality suspected the flakes came from pipes or a pump or other equipment.

The flakes themselves are also small and not enough to raise any fortunes and Mr Brown is more concerned about what other pure metals might be in the water.

“If we’re getting heavy metals that you can see with the naked eye, then what else might be in there?” Mr Brown asked.


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