Woman receives treatment after “assault” at Asoka Vidyalaya Colombo

Woman receives treatment after “assault” at Asoka Vidyalaya Colombo

Written by Bella Dalima

05 Jun, 2014 | 9:38 pm

A woman with has three children studying at Asoka Vidyalaya Colombo was allegedly assaulted Thursday morning, when she visited the school to meet with the teachers of her children.

She is currently receiving treatment at the National Hospital in Colombo.

Another group of parents, who also allege that they faced a similar situation Thursday morning, filed a complaint with the Maradana Police.

On Tuesday, an unidentified group attempted to assault a Newsfirst journalist who visited Asoka Vidyala to report on the demonstration staged by a group of persons.

This attempt was foiled through the intervention of the police. However, one of them later attacked our reporter with an egg.

Previously Feb. 6, another group attempted to assault our journalist who was reporting on a demonstration staged by a group of persons opposite Asoka Vidyalaya, Colombo.

Tensions surrounding Asoka Vidyalaya Colombo arose in November 2014, when the principal appointed to the school in an illegal manner, provided the school bus for campaigning purposes of a candidate who contested the western provincial council polls.

The arbitrary decisions taken by this individual also forced the teachers at the school to engage in a strike.

Taking this situation in to account, the provincial education secretary who appointed the principal in question deemed him unfit to operate the school and removed him from his position.

On  March 11, the Office of the Governor of Western Province commented to Action TV that measures will be taken to fill the vacancy.

On May 13, the secretary of the Provincial Ministry of Education commented on the process that will be undertaken to fill all principal vacancies in the province.

However, on May 19, after the Provincial Council was established, the Chief Minister of the Province who arrived at Asoka Vidyalaya informed the teachers that the principal who was initially deemed unfit and removed from the school will be reappointed as the principal of the school.

In order to fulfill this need, 35 teachers of this school were transferred to other schools while 12 others were told to report to the Colombo Zonal Education Office from Monday.

It is clear that the loss of services of almost 50 teachers at a single school is a big blow to the education of the students in that school.

Shouldn’t it be investigated whether the dangerous situation outside of the premises of Asoka Vidyalaya was created to hide the situations that is creating tensions on the inside?

And shouldn’t a principal who meets the required qualifications be appointed to Asoka Vidyalaya Colombo?

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