Life comes to a halt as rains continue; homes destroyed – lives lost, over 20,000 affected

Life comes to a halt as rains continue; homes destroyed – lives lost, over 20,000 affected

Written by Staff Writer

03 Jun, 2014 | 9:23 pm

Day to day life in several areas has come to a grinding halt as a result of the heavy showers experienced over the past two and a half days. The death toll from flooding, landslides and earth slips caused by the adverse weather conditions has risen to 23, with most of the fatalities being reported from the Kalutara District.

Close to 7,000 people have been affected by the inclement weather in the Kalutara District alone. According to the Disaster Management Centre, around 22,500 persons from 5314 families have been affected by the adverse weather across the country.

News1st’s staff reporters, our network of provincial correspondents, U-Reporters and amateur video graphers took pains to report on the disaster situation.

Fourteen persons are confirmed dead as a result of incidents caused y the extreme weather in the Kalutara District. The Disaster Management Centre says that 6,986 persons from 1658 families living in 13 Divisional Secretariats in the Kalutara District have been affected. Ten houses were destroyed while another 58 were damaged.

The adverse weather also caused injuries to four persons in the Kalutara District. Mathugama, was the worst affected area in the Kalutara District with 2,209 persons from 447 families being affected.

Several areas in Agalawatte, Kalutara, were inundated on Tuesday as well by the heavy showers.

News 1st reporters who visited the area captured the following footage. Two children were killed in an earth slip in Polwattagoda, Kithulgoda. The bodies of the siblings – eight-year-old K.T. Sanduni Nimeshika and four-year-old K.T. Isuru Lakshan are currently lying at home of a relative.

The bodies of a husband and wife who were washed away by flood waters in Welipenna, were discovered on Monday evening.Our reporter says that the couple who were residents of Nallagoda, owned a shop in Welipenna.

Their family said that forty-eight-year-old Chulabhaya Lenora and forty-six-year-old Desi Kusumalatha had arrived in Welipenna at dawn on Monday, to look into the condition of their shop following the heavy rains.

Police believe that the couple were washed away in a flash flood and killed at this time. A large area  of Welipenna was inundated on Tuesday as well. Flood waters had receded in some parts of Welipenna. The flow of traffic on the Mathugama – Aluthgama road in Lewwanduwa was disrupted owing to the road being inundated.

Meanwhile, about fifteen homes in Werellahenakanda, Horana, were damaged in a landslide. A man was killed in an earthslip in Narangamuwa, Giriulla. The Giriulla Police say that while  the man was pulled out of the earth, he was admitted to the Dambadeniya Hospital.

A spokesperson for the Dambadeniya Hospital said the victim was dead when he arrived at the hospital. The victim was a fifty-year -old resident of Giriulla.

Meanwhile, vehicular movement on the Kurunegala – Negombo road in Mattegama was affected as a result of the road being submerged.

Several homes in Elabadagama, Pannala were inundated when a nearby waterway broke its banks.

The Enderamulla area too was inundated today. The populace of Hekiththa in Wattala were affected when the Hamilton Canal broke its banks. Seventeen families have sought shelter in the Gonginthota Maha Vidyalaya in Mahawa after their homes were inundated.

Police say that the body of a man who drowned in Kiribathgoda, was discovered on Tuesday afternoon.

A schoolboy was killed in an an  incident when a wall collapsed on him while he was looking at a tree that had been uprooted at the Hospital Junction in Eheliyagoda. The boy has been identified as sixteen-year-old Visum Kumara, a student of Mahara College, Eheliyagoda.

Vehicular movement was disrupted in the Panhalaga area in Puwakpitiya, Avissawella, when the Aswathu Oya broke its banks.Our reporter says that traffic came to a halt for almost five hours.

In yet another tragedy, two young women were killed when an earth embankment collapsed onto a home in Wathukarakanda, Walegoda, in Balangoda. The women were sisters aged 17 and 24.

Their mother who was injured in the earth slip was admitted to the Balangoda Hospital. Our reporter said that it was difficult to transport the bodies of the young women to the mortuary, owing to the incessant heavy rains.

He added that the situation had been aggravated by fallen earth embankments and power cables on the main road to Walegoda. Several villages in Balangoda, were inundated by the heavy rains.

The water levels of the Kalu Ganga have risen exponentially owing to the heavy rains. Our reporter says that several low lying areas and by-roads were submerged as a result. Several shops in the old fair in the Ratnapura Town Centre were inundated on Tuesday. The Seevali Sports Ground opposite the Ratnapura Urban Council was also inundated.

Three persons are reported dead as a result of incidents caused by the inclement weather, while another 832 have been affected. Twelve houses in the district have been destroyed while 28 have been damaged. Heavy rains have also caused a spike in the water level of the Gin Ganga. This footage was captured from Baddegama on Tuesday morning.

The Imaduwa – Yakkalamulla road was submerged at several locations when the Polathumodara River broke its banks.

Our cameras captured footage of the clean-up operation underway in some parts of Yakkalamulla where the flood waters had receded. Several homes and road in areas including Hiniduma, Udugama and Thawalagama in the Galle District were inundated by the heavy showers.

One person was killed in flooding caused by the inclement weather in the Galle District. Two thousand five hundred seventy four persons from 784 families living in six divisional secretariat areas have been affected. Five homes have been destroyed while 93 have sustained damages.

Eighty three families in Akuressa have been affected after the Nilwala River broke its banks following heavy rains experienced in Deniyaya and Morawaka since Monday evening.

Our reporter says that body of a man who was washed away in a flash flood in Imbulgoda, Matara, on Monday was recovered on Tuesday. . About 30 homes in Sammale were inundated when the Maskeliya Oya broke its banks. Over 70 people have been displaced as a result.

They have sought shelter at a kovil in the area at present. Several homes in Kudagama, Hatton too, were inundated by flood waters.Heavy misty conditions disrupted vehicular movement on the main Hatton-Nuwara Eliya road on Tuesday.


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