Govt is not allocating enough funds for education – alleges the UNP

Govt is not allocating enough funds for education – alleges the UNP

Written by Bella Dalima

30 May, 2014 | 9:16 pm

The United National Party alleges that the government is allocating less funds for education at present that it did during the war, owing to a memorandum reached with the International Monetary Fund.

UNP National Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe recently alleged that funds were not being allocated for education owing to a memorandum between the government and the IMF.

Speaking at a media briefing convened in Colombo on Friday, UNP MP Akila Viraj Kariyawasam responded to the statement made by Education Minister Bandula Gunawardane in this regard.

UNP Parliamentarian, Akila Viraj kariyawasam expressed the following views:

I saw the Minister of Education responding to this at a media briefing convened yesterday, where he challenged us to present this agreement that was reached with the IMF. It is evident to me through this, that the Education Minister in our country does not have the average level of intelligence to differentiate between an agreement and a memorandum.

The government has continuously agreed with the IMF and the World Bank to cutback on welfare spending in education. Not only in education, the government has even agreed to cutback spending on health. The opposition leader said clearly on that day that there was a memorandum with the IMF.

Funds are not being allocated owing to this memorandum, or rather, loans are being granted on the condition that welfare spending will be cutback. There was a war in this country. Why is it that allocations for education which were not cutback during the war are now being cutback continuously?”


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