NTUC warns of action if allowances are not included in basic salary of state employees

NTUC warns of action if allowances are not included in basic salary of state employees

Written by Bella Dalima

30 May, 2014 | 10:20 pm

Chairman of the National Trade Union Centre K.D. Lalkantha notes that they will begin a trade union movement demanding that the allowances granted to state employees since 2006 be included as part of the employees salary.

He made this statement during a meeting held on the cancellation of gratuity payments for state employees.

Chairman of National Trade Union Center, K.D.Lalkantha shared the following views:

“The basic salary of government employees has not increased since January 2006. Individuals who retire today will retire on the salary that they earned in 2006. There is a big fight ahead for the trade unions as we need to call on the authorities to include all allowances into the basic salary. We have already begun discussions with trade unions and we have made all preparation to fight for this issue. We demand that all allowances be included into the basic salary, immediately…”

K.D. Lalkantha also notes that steps are being taken to systematically abolish the pensions granted to state employees.

“There is a plan in place to someday abolish the pension scheme and make sure new government employees receive some other benefit. We can protect this – how? Through the strength of the public and by creating a public opinion about it. This is one battle that should not be betrayed, we can win this battle. There are those who betray trade union movements in exchange for positions and titles. They don’t attend such meetings , they work against it. Let them remain like that, let the leaders idle, let us mobilise the members of trade unions and carry out this task ..”


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