Weapon used in urban councilor murder found in Gampaha house

Weapon used in urban councilor murder found in Gampaha house

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28 May, 2014 | 9:42 pm

The weapon used in the murder of Peliyagoda Urban Councilor Shamila Sandaruwan was discovered in a house in Gampaha on Wednesday.

The police noted that the murder weapon was discovered following interrogation of the suspects in custody.

Meanwhile, Amila Nishantha Kumarasinghe, chairman of the Peliyagoda urban council, and a group of urban councilors commented on the murder of Shamila Sandaruwan during a media briefing held Wednesday.

“Soon after the councilor was murdered, they suspected the other members of the council and myself. Various statements were made. An individual who is in our council and who was removed from his position gave the grieving family specific instructions. He had said that he was due to receive the post of chairman of the urban council on the 16th and that he was prepared to hand this position over to the murdered councilor. We level this charge at the former chairman.”

Following the conclusion of the media briefing, Nihal Ananda Perera, former Chairman of the Peliyagoda urban council arrived at the location and expressed his views.

“The acting chairman stated that I had made these statements. I never made such statements in the council, nor did I make a statement to the media stating that the chairman was involved. We are not involved in this issue, we don’t know who did it. The police even obtained statements from me. All I said was that he was a talented individual and that he had no enemies .”

Following the media briefing. the two groups became embroiled in an argument. Subsequently, the urban council convened for its session and appointed K.D. Ananda as its deputy Chairman.


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