Protestors bang the drum as Sirasa Super Star Fever reaches a high pitch

Protestors bang the drum as Sirasa Super Star Fever reaches a high pitch

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26 May, 2014 | 9:40 pm

The Sirasa Super Star programme has become the topic of much controversy and debate in the recent past. The issue is also being widely discussed on the internet

In such a backdrop, last Saturday’s episode of Sirasa Super Star was held after several changes aimed at ensuring fairness were made.

Harsha Chathuranga of Rajagiriya who competed in Season 6 of Sirasa superstar exited the programme on Sunday evening.

A short while after this a group of protestors made their way from Rajagiriya to Capital Maharaja Organisation’s head office. The protestors demanded that Harsha Chathuranga be given another opportunity. The police subsequently arrived at the location.

Police dispersed the protestors by suggesting that discussions be held the next day.The representatives of the protestors arrived at the Capital Maharaja Organisation’s Head Office at 10.30 a.m. on Monday morning

While discussions were going on between representatives of the protestors and senior members of the Sirasa management, an organised group arrived in buses to the location and protested again.

Discussions were immediately suspended by the management. The representatives of the protestors were asked to remove the protestors from the vicinity. The police also arrived at the location .The representatives of the protestors took steps to remove unruly assembly.

Following this episode, on the request of the representatives, a second round of discussions took place. Several high-ranking police officers were also present at the time

Following the conclusion of discussions the representatives of the protestors left the building.

The final prize money the winner of Sirasa Super Star Season 6 stands to win is Rs.10 million.

The management of the Sirasa Media Network has observed that certain groups are attempting to misuse SMS voting, to cheat the system. The management therefore decided that 40% of the final outcome would be decided by the panel of judges and that the remaining 60% will depend on the SMS votes.

The management took this decision in order to ensure a level playing field and equal opportunity to all competitors who take part in The Sirasa Super Star regardless of their background.

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