Provincial Councillors representing Weerawansa’s NFF leave

Provincial Councillors representing Weerawansa’s NFF leave

Written by Bella Dalima

22 May, 2014 | 10:18 pm

Two Uva Provincial Councillors attached to the National Freedom Front headed by Minster Wimal Weerawansa, left the party on Thursday.
Councillors Mihimal Munasinghe and W.A.Udaya Kumara announced their decision  at the monthly meeting of the council on Thursday.
Chairperson of the Uva Provincial Council Hema Rathnayake presided over the monthly session.
Councillor Udaya Kumara announced that he will resign from the National Freedom Front and join the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.
Uva Provincial Councillor, W.A.Udaya Kumara expressed views:

“I have been with the National Freedom Front for five years. After almost a year, I realised that the journey of the party was not a people-friendly one. On a number of occasion, we have forwarded the issue of the people living in Moneragala to the Party Leader Wimal Weerawansa. He never listened to us. There isn’t a party called the National Freedom Front anymore. It is just a group of persons. This group is all over the place today. I have no right to represent the party of Wiman Weerawansa. Why? Because they do not work for the people. Therefore, honourable chairperson I have decided to resign from the National Freedom Front. We are officially announcing this today. We are officially announcing that, we cannot commit to the journey undertaken by the National Freedom Front. …”
W.A. Udaya Kumara contested for the Uva Provincial Council from the Moneragala District in 2009 and came in 8th with 23, 718 votes.

Meanwhile, Councillor Mihimal Munasinghe announced that he will cross over to the United National Party, moving away from the National Freedom Front.

He shared his views;

“We have gradually distanced ourselves from the Leadership of the National Freedom Front and the National freedom front itself. I had a responsibility to at least serve for five years or until the council was dissolved and work for the people. However, this is a challenging period. I had to make a decision for those who are with me. Therefore, today I will move away from the National Freedom Front and the United Peoples Freedom Alliance and join the United National Party…”
Mihimal Munasinghe was elected to the Uva Provincial Council in 2009 representing the NFF from the Badulla District in 8th position with 26, 377 votes.

Subsequent to the session on Thursday, UNP activists gathered to accept Mihimal Munasinghe to the UNP.


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