Will use compensation to help poor students – says teacher who was made to kneel

Will use compensation to help poor students – says teacher who was made to kneel

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22 May, 2014 | 7:50 am

A media briefing was convened to notify the public on how the compensation that was paid to a teacher by a politician who had ordered her to kneel down, would be utilised.

Secretary of the Sri Lanka Teacher’s Union, Jospeh Stalin said:

“Today we know that on the day of providing the order, how the provincial council ministers stood. It was evident how justice prevailed when they stood with the politician in question on the day the order was made. Politicians these days do not stand with the members of the public who are the victims of a politician’s whims: but on the other side.”

Chairman of the University Teachers Union, Nirmal Ranjith Devasiri stated:

“One thing that can be highlighted from this court order is that it can be set as an example that the law still prevails in the country. Therefore, I believe what is required now is to build on a deep discussion based on this matter.”

The victimised teacher, Susila Priyani-Herath also spoke at the briefing:

“I hope to use the 300,000 that I received as compensation for poor yet intelligent children and for teachers who have a similar plight to what I experienced. The fund for this has already been established. There was a child who stole coconuts to pay for schools fees. Then there was another child who had to wear her slippers around her neck because that child could not afford a pair of shoes.”

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