NFF says No Confidence Motion was not presented with ‘good intentions’

NFF says No Confidence Motion was not presented with ‘good intentions’

Written by Staff Writer

21 May, 2014 | 9:09 pm

In another notable turn of events, the National Freedom Front, a constitutent party of the ruling UPFA, abstained from voting on the No Confidence Motion against the government, in Parliament today.

Speaking to News1st on our special segment, Newsline, prior to the vote on the No Confidence Motion, NFF spokesperson, Mohamed Muzammil clarified his party’s stance.

Question: Why are you abstaining?

Mohamed Muzammil

“We are abstaining because we do not accept that the UNP, which has presented this motion, had done so with good intentions. At the same time this  No Confidence Motion has been narrowed to show that the government has failed”.

Question: You accept that this menace has spread throughout the country. The National Freedom Front accepts that it is wrong. If that is the case why can you not see the wrong as the wrong and vote in Parliament?

Mohamed Muzammil:

“One, is that the government has arrested others who have brought in narcotics. That is a good thing. But the government has failed to cut this off at the source where it expands from. They have failed to capture them. They have failed to implement the economic changes that they were mandated to implement in 2005”.

Question: Do you not feel that staying silent in the face of something wrong is equivalent to enforcing it?

Mohamed Muzammil:

“We have never stayed silent in the face of wrong. At time when we had to speak about the wrong from within, we did so. At times when we needed to talk about it in public with society, we have done so.”

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