Fuel subsidy – a burning issue for Puttalam fishermen

Fuel subsidy – a burning issue for Puttalam fishermen

Written by Bella Dalima

16 May, 2014 | 9:23 pm

A group of representatives of fisheries organisations in the Puttalam District have asserted that they are not in need of any alternative concessions to the fuel subsidy.

They request that fuel prices be reduced if a fuel subsidy cannot be granted.
The government introduced a concession programme for fishermen in 2012, when fuel prices were increased.
The government announced that a new concession programme for trawlers and nets will be introduced to replace the fuel subsidy programme that has not been provided since mid last year.

A meeting as held at the Puttalam District Fisheries Director’s Office in Chilaw on Friday to raise awareness among representatives of fisheries organisations on the new programme.


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