CCTV footage of pregnant mother killed in Pettah accident

CCTV footage of pregnant mother killed in Pettah accident

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06 May, 2014 | 10:29 pm

A jeep that was involved in a hit and run accident – running over and killing a pregnant mother in Gunasinghepura, Pettah on April 27 has been identified.

Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana on Tuesday said that the vehicle was identified using the licence plate numbers given to the police by the deceased woman’s husband.

Police Media Spokesperson, SSP Ajith Rohana expressed following comments,

“This woman was runover inhumanely and then they fled. When looking at the vehicles licence plate number the Motor Traffic Commission identified it as a car and not a jeep. However, officers inspected all CCTV camera footage in Pettah and identified the vehicle and even witnessed it exiting onto the Kandy road. They realised that it was in fact a jeep.”

He added: “ The owner is a director of a prominent private hospital in Colombo. It has been revealed that he has now fled the country and is in Singapore. We found the jeep several days ago and it has been examined by the Government Analyst’s Department. We found various forms of evidence to the fact that this was the jeep that ran the woman over. We wish to inform all motorists who may think that they can run over people and get away that we have been strengthened by the camera system that is in place and that you cannot get away after running over someone in the city of Colombo.”

The accident on April 27 was captured on CCTV cameras. The victim was a twenty-seven-year old pregnant woman from the Pujapitiya area in Kandy.

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