YouTube introduces new feature

YouTube introduces new feature

YouTube introduces new feature

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02 May, 2014 | 9:11 am

YouTube has rolled out a new feature that will let creators add a short 3-second intro clip to their videos on their YouTube channel.

“Many of you have asked us for a way to create a distinctive intro for your videos, so you can more easily build a consistent brand your fans will recognize. Well, game on. Starting today you can automatically add an intro video up to three seconds to the start of every video on your channel,” noted the YouTube Creators blog post.

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Users who create an intro video will have to upload it as an unlisted video first. Then on their channel’s InVideo Programming page they can click ‘Add a channel branding intro’, and then select the unlisted video. After that, users can select which videos the intro should appear with, or to the ones after a certain date. or to all of their videos. This intro video can always be removed or changed at any point by the user.

The blog post also notes that the tool is to help users promote their channel, and cannot be used for advertisement purposes.

“Note that these intros may not be used as ads, sponsorships, or product placements. We also don’t recommend this feature be used by channels using their videos as advertisements.”

Earlier the company had updated its Android app with YouTube Mix and a few more features.

The YouTube Mix feature automatically sorts a list of music videos of a particular artist and users can also share or like another user’s playlists, which then will be shown on a guide drawer placed on the left side.

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