Govt. thinks that brainless fools live in this country: Harsha de Silva

Govt. thinks that brainless fools live in this country: Harsha de Silva

Written by Staff Writer

23 Apr, 2014 | 8:11 pm

Views were expressed on the so-called ‘Casino Bill’ at separate media briefings convened on Wednesday.

Leader of National Unity Front, Azad Sally speaking on the subject said:
“In the gazette notice presented prior to this they removed the word “casino” and granted a ten-year tax holiday. The government that is supposed to put a full-stop to intoxication is now engaged in everything – from gambling and casinos to alcohol. “

He added: “I have always maintained that this is an aimless alliance. They have never done what they say they are going to do. Today, it is evident that this is a government that has always broken the promises it has made to the people.”

UNP Parliamentarian, Dr. Harsha de Silva also expressed views.

He said: “When doing business in this country, all people must pay VAT. They must pay the Nation Building Tax. They are granting a complete holiday on VAT and NBT and are introducing a 5 percent casino tax. But they are not saying that they will do this. They are trying to tell the people that there is no casino in James Packer’s hotel. The government thinks that it is brainless fools that live in this country. “

“They think that they can deceive us by saying that it is a hotel that is being built and that there is no casino in this hotel. While people who love and say that they are fighting for this country say no, the government is continuing with this programme,” he added.

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