Heroine of South Korean ferry disaster hailed

Heroine of South Korean ferry disaster hailed

Heroine of South Korean ferry disaster hailed

Written by Staff Writer

22 Apr, 2014 | 7:37 am

At least 103 bodies have been found following the South Korean ferry disaster, coast guard says.

As more bodies are found, 199 people still remain missing.

Meanwhile, the number of crew members charged is rising, and so is the anger that families feel.

But there’s one crew member they are leaving out: Park Jee Young, 22, who by witness accounts helped them escape and distributed life jackets — one after the other to students — as the stricken ferry began to sink.

When she ran out of jackets, she ran to the next floor to grab more.

When she was asked why she wasn’t wearing a life jacket, Park said that crew members would be last and that she had to help others first, according to witness accounts to South Korean media.

Park now lies in a funeral home in the city of Incheon. She is one of those who lost their lives in the ferry disaster.

The other day, a man with injuries to his head showed up to the funeral room where Park’s memorial stands.

When asked by Park’s family who he was, the man said that he had been injured in the ferry and that he was “indebted” to the young woman who placed a towel on his bloody head and helped him as the water rose.

“She was so responsible and so kind,” said her grandmother, Jung Jee Kwon, who sat on the floor, slumped against a wall, no longer able to stand. Her family members kneeled with her, holding her hand and weeping together on the floor.

White mums and lilies, which signify death, poured in from strangers, covering the hallway leading to her memorial room.

The flowers contain messages like “We will not forget your noble spirit.” “We will always remember your sacrifice.” “Hero.”

An online petition has gone up urging the government to award her a Good Samaritan award.



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